The ‘Critical’ Project – Day 1

How many times in a day do you get shamed/ ridiculed/ appreciated by someone? The world has lost its ability to appreciate people more than depreciate them. The positivity seems to be flaking. I feel I keep hearing the negatives. I hear positives too. Sometimes. I am about to take every critique seriously from now. Of course. Write down/ Make note of every word of praise or shame I get in a day, from friends, relatives and strangers. It will atleast let me know what kind of world I live in really. How ‘bad’ am I? How ‘good’ am I? The so called critiques can give you comments, define you with adjectives, sing praises, etc. But my job is going to be capturing these statements and think over them or decide to not think over them.

The adjectives I  received today are – Fat, Old

Hmm. There is also another hidden factor in all the consideration. How close is the person who said these to you to consider them.

The above was from someone quite close. Been getting it a little too often.

Let’s see what tomorrow has for me.


Author: ashtrash

A copywriter by profession, a thorough foodie, a baker, a lover of make up and not just contemporary fashion, music, dance and photography.

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